Pay Per Click Pro Tips For Small Business

Pro Tips For PPC Camping To Improve Performance In 2021

There are too many factors that can affect your PPC camping budget. It will be great to have some money-saving tips for PPC camping. Some of the factors we are discussing today. It would be best if you considered some main things before making an ad camping, and it becomes more important when your budget is tight. Let us discuss some of the major points one should look upon before building an optimized, low-budget ad camping.

Research The Keyword Well Enough

Keyword should match your intent; if you are looking for a buyer, then the informative keyword won’t work.
If you intend to generate leads for your customer or your own business. Then the keyword should be of that nature. It means the searchers are putting keywords with a buying intent or willing to buy your services after some pampering.

For Ex: 

If you are a web designing agency and willing to generate leads for web designing clients. Then your keyword should be

“web designing agency”


“Website desiging company”

instead of 

“How to build web designing company “

Use Match Type For Your Keywords

There are three types of match types 

  1. brode match
  2. phrase match
  3. exact match
  • Brode match is a default match type; It is all prepared to make your reach to the widest set of audience. 

For Ex: If you are using brode match “website designing,” then your ad can be shown for the search term like “website designing tutorials” or “website designing trend,” or “website designing agency.” in brode match any one of the words from your if matched with the search query then your ad will be shown which could be the wastage of money. 

*****modified broad match is outdated from 18-2-2021. The modified brode match tells google that the word preceded by “+” must be in the search term like +website +desining +company.*****

  • Phrase match in phrase matches the keyword are surrounded by quotations. Like “Web designing company”. In this, the order matters in the search query. 

For Ex: Keyword match “web desining company.” could match for the search query like “web designing company for realestate.” 


  • Exact-match as the name suggests; the keyword-selected search query should match exactly. This is the keyword surrounded by a square bracket. 

For Ex: the keyword selected is [web designing compasny], then this will pop up your ads in SERP when the query is the same as the keyword. 


Make Your Landing Page Very Relative To Your Ad Copy And Targeted Keyword.

When your clients search with the keyword on google, the next thing they see is your ad copy; when it is relevant to the keyword, he clicks on the ad. And by this, the CTR(click-through rate is maintained).
And after clicking on the ad copy, he moves to the landing page, and if he found irrelevant content on it, he bounces back, which will decrease the quality score of the ad camping and unnecessary increase your budget. .

Make A List Of Negative Keyword

Many keywords are irrelevant to your ad camping or do not fulfill your ad campaign’s main motive even if mixed with your provided keyword.

For ex: You generate leads for web designing clients provided keywords “web designing ” so you must make sure that the leads like “web designing tutorials” or “cheap web design” should not get generated; otherwise, it will be of no use. Therefore, you should list negative keywords like [tutorials, materials, cheap, etc.]. You can brainstorm for other negative keywords. 


Don't Miss Any Ad Extension That Relevant To Your Ad Camping.

The Extension makes your ad copy more informative and helps your client make a better decision after searching. It gives you an outstanding and professional look at SERP. There are various types of extensions in google ads.

  1. Site Link Extension – this is the Extension that brings a customer to the specific page. 
  2. Callout Extension – Using callout extension, you can include additional features about your business, product, or services. 
  3. Call Extension – google ads give a wonderful way to your customer to make a call to your business on the SERP – search engine result page.

Bidding Strategy

There are a variety of bidding strategies according to your goal. Some of them are listed below.

  1. Target CPA (cost per acquisition) – If your primary goal is conversion, this will work for you. 
  2. Target Return On Ad Spend(ROAS) – Here is also the goal is conversion. Here the maximize conversion will be set preceding some aftermath on the return that you are expecting from your ad camping. 
  3. Maximize Conversion – Using this bidding strategy, google tries to bring maximum conversion from your budget. For Ex: Your daily budget is 1000 INR and if conversion costs 800INR, then google algorithm if never show your ad on that search. 
  4. Maximize Conversion Values: It will work like target ROAS, but you need not define ROI. It depends on the algorithm’s ability.
  5. Enhanced Cost Per Click – It is a mixture of smart bidding and manual bidding. You set the basic CPC, but the algorithm has a right to optimize your CPC. 
  6. Maximize Clicks – Optimize your ad for the maximum click. This is an automatic bidding strategy in which google tries to maximize the clicks with your daily budget. It is not good for conversions and sales. 
  7. Manual CPC Bidding – This is the best bidding strategy. Suppose your camping is under the learning stage. But it takes a lot of time to handle camping. But it is an excellent option if your ad camping is new and you have time. 

I have shared some of the tips that I have learned in my career journey. If you also want to add something missing from the blog, you can share it in the comment section.

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