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Our years of experience allow us to provide exceptional customer service by getting to know you, your company and your goals. We are a team of certified PPC expert from India.

Advantage Of Hiring Ganeshaintelliware As Your Next PPC Expert In India

AdWords PPC Expert has vast experience, credibility and proven track record of delivering unmatched PPC services India. Our consultants are Google AdWords certified and they know every trick to maximise returns and minimise cost per click. We intelligently leverage powerful PPC advertising tools to deliver exceptional results. Our key focus areas are:

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Increased Conversion

Making sure you get a better conversion rates is the primary reason behind Our PPC services. This is achieved through having a mix of more CTR and an excellent service or product. We use the most effective PPC tactics that have been customized to meet your company's needs and your customer's buying habits. This will result in more clicks and increase conversions.

Keyword Selection For PPC Ads

Keyword That Will Work

Keywords are the words users use to find an solution, product or service through search engines. We make sure that your advertisement content is optimized with long tail keywords in order to increase the page's rankings and increase conversions. Our experts conduct thorough keyword analysis and research to create the highest value for PPC.

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Optimization Of Landing Page

When a potential customer clicks your advertisement, he will be taken to a landing site that contains information about your company product, service, or solution. This is why it needs to be relevant, interesting, and persuasive to make potential customers convert to sales. We will optimize your landing page with powerful CTAs to increase their effectiveness.

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Higher CTR With A Top PPC Ad Rank

You'd want your ad to appear at the first page on the Search Engine Results Page, and we too. Our PPC experts use the most effective tools to put your PPC advertisement on most prominent. We enhance the text of the advertisement using the appropriate keywords to make it more search user-friendly and increase its visibility.

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Excellent Ad Copy

Your advert is the first thing that users of search engines will see. So, it should be appealing and informative with relevant information that entices users to click. Our talented content writers and designers do lots of brainstorming to come up with an amazing advertisement that immediately draws the attention of your intended audience.

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Bid Strategy That Will Competitive

The most competitive bid will ensure the lowest costs per acquisition (CPA) on your PPC advertisement. We draw on our expertise in this area to help you negotiate and find the best price in Google AdWords. A well-planned bid strategy could also result in a lower advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS) and a higher likelihood of clicking on your advertisements.



Ganeshaintelliware PPC Expert, India’s most recognized PPC expert, which guarantees constant business growth and the highest ROI from your Pay-Per-Click campaign. We are a renowned Google AdWords PPC agency that is built upon the principles of process-driven, results-oriented PPC services in India to maximize revenue. Our goal isn’t just increasing your sales or traffic; we continue to improve our processes to guarantee the lowest cost per customer acquisition and cost per conversion.

This is the reason why sophisticated online companies trust us to manage their PPC advertising campaigns. We provide PPC services are tailored to meet your specific business needs and provide outstanding results.

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The question is if you marketing your online or website in a way that is effective? If not, then you’re not getting a huge portion in the market!

According to a recent study of over two billion Internet users. It’s a bit shocking, but 93% of online activities begin with a search. Search engines such as Google are witness to 3.5 billion searches each day and 40,000 searches each second. Imagine how huge the market’s potential is when you make an advertisement through search engines!

Effective Pay-Per-Click marketing is the best way to unlocking new business opportunities and deliver immediate results. Millions of Internet users looking for your business via search engines. An experienced AdWords Expert can help create an effective advertising campaign that will reap the advantages of advertising using Pay-Per-Click on Google.

What exactly do you mean by PPC advertising? Pay-Per-Click is an established and effective method for driving immediate and targeted traffic to websites with greater conversion rates. A certified PPC specialist will assist you in setting up an effective and engaging advertisement, optimize it using relevant keywords and then place it on the most visible places within the Google the search engine. Each time someone clicks your advertisement, you have to pay for that. Certain PPC campaigns also incorporate other payment options, like that you pay each time someone clicks on the advertisement or transforms into a business through your PPC campaign.

What We Do And How We Do

We handle all aspects of conversion-oriented PPC advertising so you can focus on growing your business. We are an AdWords specialist and have a holistic approach to building strong, effective PPC advertising campaigns. Here’s how it works:

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Create PPC Ad Account

First, create a Google AdWords Account for your website or online company. Our certified experts are constantly updating themselves on Google AdWords' latest terms and conditions.

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Research Keyword

To help you choose the right keywords for your advertisement, our dedicated PPC expert will conduct extensive keyword research and market analysis.

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Manage Campaign

You will get a dedicated PPC consultant from the moment you contact us to receive our best-in-class PPC service.


    • Collaboration to meet client needs at all stages

    • We constantly invent to lower advertising costs for our clients and maximize return on investment

    • A highly acclaimed group of certified professionals with extensive experience in both Google AdWords as well as Google Analytics.

    • Get bespoke PPC services India for your business goals and needs

    • More than 2000+ PPC projects have been completed successfully. This demonstrates our industry credibility

    • PPC services that are cost-effective and guarantee 100% satisfaction

Are you looking for a cost-effective, result-driven PPC advertising solution that is both efficient and effective? We can give your online business a tremendous boost by partnering with you.

PPC Advertising that is cost-effective for you

If not done correctly, PPC advertising can cause damage to your assets. AdWords PPC Expert makes sure that every effort is made to make your campaign cost-effective. It all starts with keyword research, which is the foundation of any PPC campaign. Relevant keywords are crucial to the quality of your web traffic. We help you find the best keywords to generate quality leads when you hire us as a PPC specialist.

We also reduce the client’s CPA by increasing the quality score until it causes the bid to drop. This is because Ad rank = Quality Score X Maximum bid. Even if your budget is limited, your PPC campaign will still be successful, even for a small business. Search Engine Marketing is all about saving money. We can help you reduce your advertising budget and increase your ROI.


We understand the power of PPC advertising to drive business results. We use a 360-degree integrated approach to increase visibility, lead generation, and sales.

  • Strategy solution to maximize brand exposure and maximum returns
  • All-round management, consulting and campaign setup
  • For a better reach, targeted planning, goal setting and search engine optimization are key to better reach.
  • Review of AdWords accounts and reporting
  • Keyword research and market analysis
  • A simplified, data-driven account structure
  • Text and video advertisement optimization
  • PPC specialist and dedicated account manager
  • Restructuring and optimizing existing accounts
  • Monthly reporting
  • AdWords manual tracking and bid management
  • Monitoring and conversion tracking
  • Access to your account is easy and effortless, at any time.


Get Immediate Results

One of the greatest benefits of PPC advertising is that it can help you achieve quantifiable and immediate outcomes. Our PPC advertising campaigns drive immediate results. Your ads will be seen by people on Google when they search for a service or product and, if they’re relevant they’ll click to go to your website or company.

Quality Lead Generation

It’s the best method to “pull” quality leads with higher conversion rates. Why? This is because Google Adwords will display your ad only when someone searches for a problem/product/service you cater to. Therefore, traffic from search engines will already be interested in the company. Thus, PPC is a ‘pull approach rather than a ‘push.’

Higher Rate of Conversion

Search engines drive the most relevant and targeted traffic than other channels. The services we offer in PPC services are specifically designed to bring in users to search engines that have the highest conversion rates. When you put your ads in search engine results, you’re placing your website in the right place for higher conversions. You can get conversion-focused, ROI-focused PPC solutions from Adwords PPC experts.

Affordable PPC Management

As an Google acknowledged PPC firm with a number of Google Certified AdWords professionals on staff the Adwords PPC Professional PPC administration services are reliable as well as reliable as they are economical. We provide the lowest prices for the most reliable PPC strategies that have been customized to meet your specific marketing requirements and generate qualified leads.

Incredible Traffic Growth

Partner and work with Adwords PPC Expert to dramatically increase traffic to your site. We’ll create appealing and appealing ads, and then place them in areas that have the highest visibility. In this way, you will generate thousands of clicks, and, more importantly, ones that have the highest conversion potential. Contact our PPC experts now.

Measurable Results

One of the reasons to consider when choosing PPC advertising is the fact that the results can be measured. Utilize Google AdWords along with Analytics to obtain complete reports on the amount of impressions, clicks and conversions. The results can be examined to improve weak spots and increase the effectiveness of the advertising campaign.


A professional AdWords expert is essential if you want to make a solid digital footprint. AdWords PPC Expert is a top Google AdWords PPC agency, regardless of the size and audience of your business. Our highly skilled team of PPC consultants can identify great opportunities among the billions of online searches and help you capitalize on them. We provide a wide range of PPC services to help you stand out from your competitors, create a strong brand image, and maximize revenues. Here’s a look at where we excel.

Search Engine Advertising: Be Found

Advertising on search engines that are popular such as Google will give your business maximum exposure and a high return on investment. Our search engine-specific marketing campaign will transform your business from being obscure to visible. We design PPC ads which are relevant, relevant, and optimized to capture the attention of potential customers. Each ad campaign is optimised to maximize your search engine’s visibility and to generate quality leads. This is accomplished by incorporating the appropriate keywords and content optimization. Our basic premise is to be found!’ and that’s the goal of we do with our PPC campaign is focused upon.

Google Shopping Ads: Boost Your Sales>

Did you know that around 95 percent of Internet users go to Google for shopping online? That’s a large part of the market to make use of! If you’re searching for the perfect strategy to improve the performance of your online store and online company, we’re here to offer the most effective PPC advertisement solution. We develop clever Google shopping ads that increase traffic to your website and boost visibility. With a dedicated campaigning for ads increasing sales becomes effortless. We employ the appropriate keywords and tested PPC strategies to increase sales.

Retargeting & Remarketing: Build Loyalty

Increase leads by redirecting potential customers to your site who have been to your website before or expressed an interest in your company but failed to turn into customers. This is among the most essential PPC services in India that we provide. Our results-driven Remarketing solution is a great approach to retarget your customers who have left and bring them back on the track. If you are able to retarget your previous customers with PPC ads, they’ll feel valued. This creates a positive impression and builds brand loyalty. It’s also easy to increase conversions.

Amazon PPC Advertising: Gain More Visibility

Amazon is the world’s biggest online retailer by revenue and market capitalisation. Our intelligent Amazon PPC advertising is the best method of contacting the huge online retailer’s massive customer base. We guarantee high exposure and better conversion rates using Amazon Product Listing Ads (PLAs). We have many years of experience working with Amazon PPC solutions as well as our specialists are able to place bids on keywords that are relevant to get more recognition for your business on Amazon Search Engine Results Pages. Being discovered on Amazon results in higher conversions, and more sales and revenue.

Social Media PPC Advertising: Get More Leads, Effective Branding and Higher Sales

Social media advertising can be an effective branding tool which generates leads of high quality for your company. We are India’s top PPC expert, helping you to get the most from every aspect of your PPC marketing campaign. The social Media is a “magical” tool that could transform businesses from struggling to reach If used correctly. We therefore design integrated PPC campaigns that target popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. Through our social media solutions we guarantee engagement and high-quality leads, focusing on the right people at the right moment.

Video Advertising: Create Brand Awareness

It is believed that a video has the power to connect with people than any other form of media. If you are looking to create buzz around your brand or increasing the engagement of your customers, video ads are a great way to do it. Our professionals create amazing video ads and put them in the right position to reach the segments you desire. It’s a fantastic way to attract attention from users and boost click-through rates by boosting conversion rates. Video ads are an effective tool to increase brand recognition.

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