How To Get Corporate Big Ticket Clients For Your Travel Agency



Are you in the travel business and looking for growth and getting more clients. This article will give complete tips and strategies for travel business growth, answering all your questions regarding new customer acquisition. 

We will address some of the essential questions regarding getting new clients. Some of them are 

  • Where I can find corporate clients for travel agency 
  • How I can approach them 
  • How I can promote my travel business

Where I can find corporate clients for travel agency

Find the best businesses in your region and schedule an appointment to talk to their procurement director. Be aware that you possess a set of strengths which can assist you in getting your foot into the market.

In the first place, many businesses are delighted to interact with another local company and recognize the advantages of contributing to locally-based businesses. If you’re a new start-up or an established business it is possible to emphasize your enthusiasm and entrepreneurial spirit or your established heritage and name.

Furthermore traveling is an enjoyable and entertaining subject, so it’ll be more fascinating when the manager of procurement is able to talk about the travel requirements of the company rather than the number of paper towels will be needed in the bathroom.

Find Your Prospect And Meet Them

If you are already working with some of the corporate clients, you can also find a business like them and approach them with the testimonial of your current customers. 

Face-to-face meetings could be time-consuming, but it is the best way to build trust with your client. And this can quickly help you win your big-ticket clients.

Travel related networking events is also good to get new prospects

It is important to be a part of the most useful events to help the travel industry. Events keep you current and aware of developments in the industry and trends. You can also learn the strategies of your competitors and gain ideas for ways to grow your business for the future. It is possible to meet potential corporate clients as well.

Market Your Business Online To Get Fresh Leads And Promotion

get corporate customers for travel business

A massive amount of people are searching for a good tour package online. And a large number of audiences spend their tie on social media. So if you are not visible there, it is a demerit for your business. Try to figure out what amount of business you can generate from platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube.

First And Most Important Is Review Your Website

A few points must be considered for our travel business website. 

  • The website should have a good design that suits your business. 
  • It must load fast while someone opens it in a browser; you can test load speed here or this one
  • It should be responsive (open comfortably ) In a Mobile phone and another device like a tablet.  
  • It should have all the security features like an SSL certificate.
  • All the social media profiles are listed on your website. 
  • You should have a good testimonial from your current customers in your all landing page. 

Do everything to drive traffic to your site.

It is necessary to have traffic to your website to get more quality customers. There are many ways to earn online traffic; some essential methods to attract targeted customers are listed below.

Google PPC Ads

PPC is a pay-per-click model of online ads. among them, search ads in Google are the best way to attract hot leads(ready-to-buy customers). You only have to pay for clicks when a visitor comes to your website after clicking your ad. 

PPC ads are a successful method of putting your ads in front of people actively searching for you. And that is the reason it is a bit costly than any other ad format. 

Facebook / Instagram Ads

These two platforms are full of visual content , and are popular destinations for users to publish their travel experiences. They are likely to become important components of your strategy for marketing.

The two platforms Instagram and Facebook utilize the same tools for advertising. You can create campaigns, manage and monitor them. First, you must have a Facebook page for running ads. You can also set up a free profile for your business on Instagram.

Choose your ad’s objective along with the target audience and format of your ad. You can also choose the post you’ve previously published and promoted. These social media platforms could automatically generate an audience that is who are similar to your followers.

Offline Ads

Never miss offline ads like banners, Local Radio ads, Newspaper ads. The 360-degree presence will increase awareness among your customers. 

How to get corporate big ticket clients for your travel agency

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