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For Startups And Medium Sized Business. Pay Per Click Ads Is The Best Method To Generate Quality Leads For Your Business.

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Benefits Of Running PPC Camping

#1 Pin Point Targeting

A PPC ad is not visible to everyone like a traditional ad. It only appears when someone searches the keyword you bid on and won. It's obvious that someone is interested in your business if they see your ad. You also have control over where and when the ads are displayed. You can optimize your exposure to potential buyers by knowing your target audience. Your chances of getting click-throughs increase if your ad is displayed in front of your target audience. A sale or some other outcome will increase your conversion rate. If you are a local business, targeting your audience is a good idea.

#2 Can Start With Small Budget

For small businesses, 1 percent of their revenues is used for advertising expenses. The advertising budget for small businesses can be limited if they are in their early stages of business or don't have a lot of revenue. You need to optimize your spending to achieve the best results. PPC campaigns allow you to set how much amount you want to pay for a click. This makes PPC an option for any business, no matter how large or small their PPC budget. The campaign can also be limited in terms of how much you will spend. The limit allows you to keep your budget in check and gives you more control over your ad spend. Analytical analysis can help you determine whether you should increase your PPC advertising budget.

#3 Easy Way To Grow Site Traffic

As you improve your SEO and grow your reach, organic traffic can take time. To receive significant traffic, your website must be ranked high in the search results. PPC ads can be set up instantly, which allows you to get traffic much quicker. You can get clicks through to your target URLs as soon as your campaign is set up. This increased traffic can help increase your business, make you more visible, and get higher in search results.

#4 Increase Your Brand Awarness

Your small business is unlikely to be well-known beyond your existing customers. People who aren’t familiar with your company won’t search Google for you by name. They may search for related keywords that bring up your PPC ads.

People begin to recognize your logo and name when your ads show up in search results. Even if they do not click the first time, they may be curious to see you appear in the results.


Stop worrying about what might go wrong, and instead think about what could be right.


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I have 9+ years of experience running google ads for my clients. I worked with various industries like eCommerce, Tour and Travel, Education, Media industry, Tech support, Finance & Loan. Build a lot of business from scratch with our digital marketing capabilities, especially google ads.


From the last few years, we have found that most businesses got great benefits from running google ads and scaling their business. Some business owners are suspicious of the power of digital marketing, which holds them back.


How much do I have to spend on google ads?

It depends on your daily budget, and you can even start with a small 500 INR of the daily budget.

How much business will I get using these PPC Ads?

This is a mathematics question; let me explain there is a term CPC (Cost per click) which will be deducted on each click; suppose your daily budget is 1000 rs and CPC of your Keyword is about 20 rs, then you will get 20 clicks on your website. Generally, 2-3% of conversion is the highest in Google Ads.

I have to run my ad continually. What is I want to stop for some days?

It's upto you. If you got enough business and can't manage more leads, it is wise to pause your ads for some days.

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